CBC Reports on Hants County Ex 250 Year Anniversary

IMG_1480_Ostrich_HR_300_PDICBC News carried a story this week covering lead-up the 250th Anniversary of the Hants Country Exhibition. In its opening line to the story it asks… “Do you remember the time Mike Duffy raced on an ostrich that could reach 56km/hour?”

It serves as a great point of recollection in looking back 250 years; of the recent changes in fairs and exhibitions and more importantly over the long term in the agriculture and farming industries. For more on the complete story: CBC News.ca

Hants County Exhibition Host to Safety Days

As reported in the Hants Journal on June 13. 2015 the Hants County Exhibition was host to this year’s Progressive Agricultural Safety Day.

With almost 300 school children attending Angus Ells, the event’s coordinator and an operations manager with the Bragg Lumber Company, said the elementary school children were learning a lot about safety too.  For the complete story visit this link to the Hants Journal website.