Group ATN Secures Contract for Business Concept Plan

The Windsor Agricultural Society is pleased to announce Group ATN (GATN) as the successful proponent of our recent request for proposals for a Business and Concept Plan for Hants County Exhibition and HCEx Park.

Group ATN provides a diversified consultancy serving the public and private sectors, First Nations and Aboriginal Interests and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). Group ATN also specializes in tourism analysis, communications and marketing.

Windsor Agricultural Society Engages New Directors

On January 29 2019, the Windsor Agricultural Society was pleased to hold its Annual General Meeting of Directors. The Society undertook to review and approve its minutes of the previous year as well as a review of its operations and and its financial statements.

At a time when many small not-for-profit Society’s are challenged to find and replace new directors, this year, the Windsor Agricultural Society was very pleased to secure the support of 6 new directors.

New and returning Directors for the Windsor Agricultural Society / Hants County Exhibition include the following:

Ryan Knowles, President,  Josh Dill, Vice President
Harry Ullock, Melanie Francis, Rod Corkum, Cynthia Duey, Kim Frank, Jane Kerr, Janice Keith, Stephen Rafuse, Andy Woolaver, Brad Hood, Wyatt Oulton, Jared Burgess, Peter Francis, Jennifer Lindsay, Eugene Swinamer,  Joel Rafuse.

Erin MacQuarrie Dressage Clinic

Erin MacQuarrie Dressage Clinic

The Windsor Agricultural Society is pleased to annouce that their facilities will be host to the Erin MacQuarrie Dressage Clinic – August 3 and 4 at Hants County Exhibition Park.  The clinic will offer a limited number of spaces on a first come first serve basis for $250 +HST (includes two semi private 50 min lessons and weekend stabling).

Whether you are schooling to improve your performance in hunter/jumper or in the dressage ring, this is a great opportunity to work with an Equine Canada certified Competition Coach Specialist in a large indoor arena in a small riding group of two.

Erin has over 100 students competing at various levels including FEI Jr and NAYRC, and she’s brought many horses from training level through to Grand Prix with much success. It will be a great learning weekend in Windsor. Don’t miss it.

For more details contact: for registration.

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Funding Announced for new Ice Arena

On Thursday Dec 20th, Scott Brison, MP King’s South announced the funding being made available through the  federal governments infrastructure and renewal program for a new arena to be built on the Windsor Agricultural Society grounds.  4.4 million dollars was announced federally coupled with an increased provincial allocation of $3.7 million. When combined with the funds allocated by the Municipality of West Hants 2.3 million and the Town of Windsor (1 million), total committed funds to date add up to $ 11.1 million.

The new facility will incorporate an ice rink, walking track and indoor soccer field. It was quoted many times during the announcement as a game-changer for the local area and a tremendous step forward in community and economic development.

During the announcement MP Brison also commented on the plans for the new equestrian and agricultural facility that are being worked on by the  Windsor Agricultural Society.  Its new facility is intended to provide the community with a much needed,  year-round multi-purpose facility for their agricultural needs.


CBC Reports on Hants County Ex 250 Year Anniversary

IMG_1480_Ostrich_HR_300_PDICBC News carried a story this week covering lead-up the 250th Anniversary of the Hants Country Exhibition. In its opening line to the story it asks… “Do you remember the time Mike Duffy raced on an ostrich that could reach 56km/hour?”

It serves as a great point of recollection in looking back 250 years; of the recent changes in fairs and exhibitions and more importantly over the long term in the agriculture and farming industries. For more on the complete story: CBC