Come and join us as we celebrate
the 250th Anniversary of our
Hants County Exhibition!

David Wilcox_RDavid Wilcox to Rock the Avon! with special guests Bryan Adams Experience and Blonde Jovi Hants County Exhibition Arena August 1st – part of Avon River Days

Hants County Exhibition 250th Celebration proudly presents Canadian Rocker David Wilcox, August 1st at 8:00pm at Hants County Exhibition Arena in Windsor. Rollin’ 250 years of Hants County spirit into one rockin’ night, as part Avon River Days, the four hour all age show will offer a licensed and all age area. Doors open at 7:00pm and Camping available on Site

LocationsDavid Wilcox is a brilliant song writer, a great singer, and one of the hottest guitar players in the world. He first made his name as a wild, live performer and then as a first-rate recording artist. After more than twenty years in the business – including extensive touring, 5 gold & platinum albums, numerous awards, and winning fans everywhere – it’s no stretch to say that David Wilcox deserves icon status. His life in music is the stuff of legend. On his first three albums, Out Of The Woods (1980), My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble (1983), Bad Reputation (1984) he sang – from experience – about sex (“The Grind”) drugs (“Riverboat Fantasy”) and rock and roll (“That Hypnotizin’ Boogie”) and even documented the gossip fostered by such pursuits (“Bad Apple” and “Bad Reputation”). With the release of David’s newest CD, “Boy In The Boat” his music has come full circle. It’s a daring mix of diverse roots influences coupled with his remarkable style. The result? Something not only original but steeped in the raw funky tradition his fans have come to know and love. Tough but soulful; cool but passionate – the music keeps growing without losing its fiery edge. Sponsored by friends of the Hants County Exhibition, The Oldest Agricultural Fair in North America. Part of Avon River Days. Hants County Exhibition Arena is just off Highway 101, exit 5a in Windsor.

CONTACT: Hants County Exhibition 902 798 0000 or

hantscountyex@eastlink.ca for tickets

For more information on David Wilcox: www.davidwilcoxrocks.com
For anyone interested in getting involved as a volunteer please contact our office at 902-798-0000.


Week 1: September 18th, 19th & 20th | Week 2: September 25th, 26th & 27th

We are also looking for sponsors to assist in fund the Anniversary events. If you are interested please contact us 902-798-0000 for more information

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