Rare Breeds will be at Hants County Exhibition’s 250th

rare breeds hants co ex 250thA special new event during the 250th Hants County Exhibition – A Rare Breeds and Heritage Livestock Showcase. Sunday, September 27th. Come and see:
CATTLE: (Lincoln Red, Normande, Scottish Highland, Milking Shorthorn, Canadienne
SHEEP: (Cotswold. Icelandic, Southdown)
SWINE: (Berkshire)
GOATS: (Toggenburg, Saanen)
EQUINE: (Canadian, Newfoundland pony)
POULTRY: (Blue Slate,  Rhode Island Red, Buff Orpington)

All Nations Drum with Richard Taylor and DRUM! Close out Opening of Hants County Ex 250th Celebrations

All Nations Drum
All Nations Drum and Richard Taylor

After three outstanding nightly performances the final audience at DRUM! with All Nations Drum and Richard Taylor  was treated to a special, culture-filled and vibrant performance .

The event was undertaken by the Windsor Agricultural Society as part of its opening celebrations for the 250th Anniversary of the Hants County Exhibition. Having originally started in May 1765 the fair has continued virtually uninterrupted. It is recognized as the oldest and longest running agricultural exhibitions in North America.

DRUM Performance
Finale of the performance at DRUM!

Celebrations for the opening weekend included: four performances of DRUM! (a renowned Brookes Diamond production); an historical reenactment of the 84th Regiment of Foot Encampment; a healing drum ceremony at Windsor’s historic Fort Edward blockhouse, the oldest remaining structure in Canada; the proclamation delivery and reenactment by the Pony Express,; a weekend AgArt festival celebrating art in agriculture along with the unveiling of a commissioned painting by local artist Susan Sweet.

The year’s events continue with a host of agriculture and musical events throughout the year, leading to the finale the 250th Hants County Exhibition in September. Two event filled weekends are planned highlighting the importance of culture and agriculture throughout the region with special acknowledgement of the contributions by the African Canadian, Acadian and Mi’kmaq communities.  For more details visit HantsCountyEx.com