Commemorative Painting by Local Artist Susan Sweet

Commemorative Painting Susan SweetThis painting was created by Susan Sweet to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Hants County Exhibition. Sweet was thrilled when approached several years ago to create a commemorative painting for the 250th.Her father Ernest Sweet was president of the Exhibition in 1965, and Sweet has a lifetime involvement and interest in the exhibition.

Her practice of painting is grounded in having lived her life in rural Hants County surrounded by various aspects of agriculture. Sweet is specifically interested in our relationships and treatments of our domestic animals and livestock. She chose oxen for this painting because they have been working the Hants County land for the 250 years of the fair.

They remain a constant at the contemporary exhibition and represent partnership, strength, hard work and rural community. 250 prints of the commission have been created, signed by the artist, matted, framed, and are ready to hang. $75 +HST and available to purchase at the exhibition office. 902 798 0000