Group ATN Secures Contract for Business Concept Plan

The Windsor Agricultural Society is pleased to announce Group ATN (GATN) as the successful proponent of our recent request for proposals for a Business and Concept Plan for Hants County Exhibition and HCEx Park.

Group ATN provides a diversified consultancy serving the public and private sectors, First Nations and Aboriginal Interests and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). Group ATN also specializes in tourism analysis, communications and marketing.

Windsor Agricultural Society Engages New Directors

On January 29 2019, the Windsor Agricultural Society was pleased to hold its Annual General Meeting of Directors. The Society undertook to review and approve its minutes of the previous year as well as a review of its operations and and its financial statements.

At a time when many small not-for-profit Society’s are challenged to find and replace new directors, this year, the Windsor Agricultural Society was very pleased to secure the support of 6 new directors.

New and returning Directors for the Windsor Agricultural Society / Hants County Exhibition include the following:

Ryan Knowles, President,  Josh Dill, Vice President
Harry Ullock, Melanie Francis, Rod Corkum, Cynthia Duey, Kim Frank, Jane Kerr, Janice Keith, Stephen Rafuse, Andy Woolaver, Brad Hood, Wyatt Oulton, Jared Burgess, Peter Francis, Jennifer Lindsay, Eugene Swinamer,  Joel Rafuse.

Arena Feasibility Study Useful in Future Business Plan

As the Windsor Agricultural Society begins the process of charting its new course, it has taken the time to review the feasibility study provided as part of the Arena Project analysis in 2017.

The study is valuable in its assessment of the area for entertainment facilities (the arena) and the overall market demographics of the area.

A copy of the analysis can be accessed via the image link below.

*Due to the file size it is better to simply download a copy [“Click” image below and when the pdf file opens – right click it and select “Save As”].